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j0336916WELCOME to the Great Neck South Class of ’81 Reunion Website

The 30th Class Reunion held on July 23rd, 2011 was a great success. A good time was had by all. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

Thank you to all those who assisted in making this evening a success. We look forward to the 40th class reunion, only 10 years away........

Send emails to Bruno Dosso

Thank you and Enjoy!!


81 Attendees

Debbie Aaronson Green
Spencer Ain
Andrew Anton
Laurinda Arana Tesi
Elaine Aven
Liz Baird Mones
David Bass
Lisa Berlow
Pam Cataldi Gittler
Barbara Cooper Samimi
Tom Cutrofello
Karen Hyman Cantor
Kim Conran Haraway
Gillian Coulter
Andy Dymond
Bruno Dosso
Hubert Fenner (2)
Leslie Friedman
Mark Gesner
Ron Gersten
Kenneth Goldman (2)
Daniel Goodman (2)
Marie Green
Frank Guglielmi
Chris Hafner Eaton (2)

Hilary Helfant
Crystal Houston
John Howard
Nancy Jettelson Freedman (2)
Anthony Johnson
Amy Kates Cohen
Pam Kaufman Newitt
Jason Katz
Ilene Kennedy
Stephen Klebanow
Hallie Kostrinski Brown
Jill Lambert
Lisa Lopater
Alan Lowenstein (2)
Annelynn Maloney Elkind
Paul Metaxas
Paul Mistretta
Donald Mones
Mirna Monroy Cubie
Andrea O’Ferrall
Noelle O’Flanagan Dunn
Joanne Palminteri Venezia
Ed Patterson
Nina Pittman Hamburg (2)
Bruce Pollack
Joanne Prager McKeon
Ed Reines
Joe Rice
Michael Robinson
Fred Rosenberg
Laura Rosenthal
Marcy Rothman Aufrichtig
Jeff Samet
Michael Sangermano
Craig Savell (2)
Diane Segal (2)
John Shahinian
Mike Shih (2)
Heidi Smith Manik
Jon Sommer
David Sotnick
Liz Weiss Silverman
Guy White
Pam Wolf O’Callaghan


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